Option 1

1. The patron’s representative shall arrange for a meeting of parents of children enrolled in the school. At least ten days’ notice of such a meeting shall be given in writing to each person entitled to vote at such a meeting.
This notification shall:

· indicate that at the meeting nominations will be sought from parents for persons to stand for election as parent representatives on the board;

· clarify whether there will be a ballot at the meeting to elect the representatives or whether the ballot will be conducted subsequently as a postal ballot;

· where it is intended to have a postal ballot, indicate the latest date for return of ballot papers and the date, time and place of the public counting of votes.

2.At the meeting nominations should be invited for both a mothers’ panel and a fathers’ panel.

3.If there is only one nominee for either panel, the nominee(s) shall be deemed to be elected.

4.If more than one nomination is received for either of the panels, a secret ballot shall be held at the meeting or subsequently. Two tellers shall be appointed, one of whom may act as Returning Officer in the case of a postal ballot.

5.In the event of a postal ballot, the poll must close and the casting of votes take place within ten days of the meeting.

6.Each person voting shall have one, non-transferable vote for each panel.

7.The votes shall be counted in public.

8.The election shall be determined on a plurality of votes (i.e the first past the post system).

9. The result of the ballot shall be notified to the parents and to the patron’s representative.

10.The voting returns from the ballot may be retained for the purposes of co-option in order to fill vacancies occurring during the life of the board where it is decided, having consulted the parents’ association, not to have a by-election.