Option 2

1.The patron’s representative shall arrange to have a list of the names of all the parents of children in the school circulated to each household, seeking from parents and guardians nominations of candidates for election to the board of management. This list should associate parent names with the classes attended by their children.

Prior to circulating a list of parents’ names for the purposes of the election of a representative to the board of management and to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Acts 1988-2003, the board should not disclose information relating to parents, including their names, to other persons, without parents being made aware that the information will be used for that purpose and their consent being obtained.
Boards may wish to include a consent provision (in the form of a box to be ticked) when obtaining parents’ details when a child is first enrolled in the school. Parents of children already enrolled in the school should be informed of the proposed circulation of their names for the purpose of electing a parent representative from time to time. This allows parents an opportunity to object to the inclusion of their names on the list.

It should be noted that this amendment will not, in any way, affect the validity of an election which has already taken place or of an action of a board constituted under the old rules.

2.Each parent may make one nomination for the fathers’ panel and one for the mothers’ panel, which shall be forwarded to the patron’s representative in order that a list may be drawn up of the ten persons in receipt of the highest number of nominations for each panel.

3.The invitation to parents to submit nominations shall request parents to establish that the person(s) nominated are willing to stand for election.

4. If there is only one nominee for either panel, the nominee(s) shall be deemed to be elected.

5.If more than one nomination is received for either of the panels, a secret ballot shall be held from among those nominees who have confirmed their willingness to become members of the board.

6.Those accepting nomination should be encouraged to furnish a short personal profile for inclusion on the ballot paper which may include an address and telephone number.

7.Separate ballot papers should be used for the election of one mother and one father. Each person voting shall have one, nontransferable vote for each panel. Arrangements should be made to distribute and collect the ballot papers from those eligible to vote and to nominate a person of standing as Returning Officer. The notification of the ballot should also indicate the date, time and place for the counting of the ballot.

8.The votes shall be counted in public.

9. The election shall be determined on a plurality of votes (i.e the first past the post system) and the result of the ballot shall be notified to the parents and to the patron’s representative.

10.The voting returns from the ballot may be retained for the purposes of co-option in order to fill vacancies occurring during the life of the board where it is decided, having consulted the parents’ association, not to have a by-election