School in transition 2016-2017

Síos go dtí an chréFollowing an emotional time when we all said our farewells to the old school building in early June 2016,we all settled back to our new setting in September.The multitude of cardboard boxes had to be opened and sorted in our newly installed prefabricated buildings. Many questioned if we would be ready for the beginning of the school year in September but thanks to the great team working with Carey Construction, we made our deadline. In a few short weeks over the summer of 2016, the old building was consigned to memory and the infrastructure for a new school building is appearing to all our parents and friends who frequently pass the school. It has been a very busy year to date and we are all very excited with the endless opportunities a new school building bring to the young people attending our school now and in the future.

Seomra amháin Isteach leat Píobáin SNF 2016